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Tattoo Removal

Did you know 20% of people regret their tattoo?

That’s 1 in 5! The number is astounding, but not surprising.  There was a 43% increase in the number of tattoos removed in 2012, and 40% of people cited employment concerns as a reason for having their tattoo removed.

As soon as you get a tattoo, your body will start trying to remove it. Ink is a foreign substance, and your immune system reacts the same way that it would to a cold or any other kind of infection. You know this is happening because even though a tattoo will start out perfect and pristine, it won’t take long before it starts getting faded and hazy looking. This is your body trying to remove the tattoo ink. It isn’t able to, however, since many of the ink particles are too large for the body to move.


After 3 treatments

After 5 treatments

Actual patient of Dr. Rakesh Nanda

Traditionally, laser treatments have taken between ten and fifteen sessions. Using the Pico laser tattoo removal process, this has been able to get results in between three and eight sessions.

Laser tattoo removal

How Tattoos are removed: SmarterEveryDay

Our lasers break down tattoo ink into small enough particles for the body’s immune system to take away. Through the Pico laser tattoo removal process, the ink is smashed into even smaller particles, speeding up the process considerably. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to treat. Other colors can only be treated by selected lasers based upon the pigment color.

Factors that affect tattoo removal


95% of laser removal is actually done by your own immune system, so the health of your immune system is of utmost importance.


By taking care of yourself and your skin, you will be able to make the removal process go much more quickly and easily for yourself.


Both the age of the client and the age of the tattoo will have a major affect on the ease of removal. Like everything else, the skin ages with time, making it both harder to tattoo and more difficult to remove ink. Also, because the treatment depends largely on a person’s own immune system to remove a tattoo, it will naturally depend on the strength of that person’s immune system.


The location of a tattoo on the body will have a major impact on removal and healing from removal. Generally, the further the tattoo is from the heart and the major lymphatic centers, the longer it will take to fully heal. As a result, tattoos on the extremities will take longer to heal.

Does Pico laser tattoo removal hurt?

Compared to traditional methods of tattoo removal, Pico laser tattoo removal reduces negative impact to the skin surrounding the tattoo, resulting in faster healing time. According to client and staff feedback, discomfort and recovery is minimal. Most clients find the physical experience of Pico laser tattoo removal to be well worth the removal of their regretful tattoo.