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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Procedure & Results

Dr Nanda is proud to offer the NeoGraft hair restoration system. This exciting procedure is an FDA-cleared hair transplantation process that can restore your full natural hair in ONE visit! A variation of the FUE method makes this minimally invasive technique more successful with less scaring and faster recovery time. Your results are IMMEDIATE!

Here is what you can expect

  • A better experience. No long strips of scalp removed or ugly telltale scare lines across the back of your head. Our specialized automated hand-held device locates genetically strong donor hair follicles and transplants them individually into balding areas, giving you maximum results with minimal invasion.
  • The recently transplanted hairs are healthy, permanent and YOURS. Expect over the next 2 to for weeks to shed some of the new transplants, this is natural. The follicles are healthy and will regrow.
  • Results will continue to improve each week! In 9 to 12 months you will see full growth on all the healthy transplanted follicles.
  • You won’t see any difference between your new transplanted hair and your naturally growing hair.
  • Less scalp trauma. This means that greater than 90% of the transplanted hair will survive and thrive!
  • Expect to spend 4 to 8 hours in our office depending on the number of grafts.


NeoGraft has a 94% “worth it” rating on, a higher rating than cool sculpting, Botox and even Invisiline clear braces. NeoGraft works with any hair type, texture or color. This truly innovative technique is for everyone who wants a full head of hair again without all of the telltale signs of old out dated and painful procedures.

Ask about how you can qualify for a free consultation by clicking here or call our office at (614) 421-7546. Look like YOU again with NeoGraft from Grandview Aesthetic and Dr. Nanda.